Beautifully crafted Laravel, VueJS, Tailwind CSS & Vite.js Admin Panel

Starting a new project is No longer a pain!

Starting a new project consumes a lot of time to build core features. Whether you are individual or a team, you need to take care of core features in the frontend as well as backend.

Vana Admin can significantly reduce your development time to quickly build & deliver your next web project.

Vana Admin Todo List

Speed up your development with Vana Admin

Vana Admin is built with most popular PHP Framework Laravel 9, most starred frontend JS Framework Vue 3 & modern CSS Framework Tailwind CSS 3.

Vana Admin offers tons of built-in features that significantly reduces your effort & time of development.

Complete Full Stack Starter Kit for Web Developers

Built with Vutal Stack (Vue.js, Tailwind & Laravel)

Vana Admin offers frontend as well as backend CRUD features which you can customize to build your own project.

Always Up-to-date

Vana Admin is built with Latest Version of Laravel 9 (Supports PHP 8.1), Vue.js 3 & Tailwind CSS 3. Vite.js builds your assets superfast.

Built as SPA

Vana Admin is built as Single Page Application, components are loaded dynamically as & when required without page refresh.


Vana Admin offers REST API for future usecase, Use it to build Mobile App or integrate with other project.

Elegant Syntax

Vana Admin is written with elegant syntax, Uses most advance concept of Laravel & Vue.js to deliver high quality project

Diving Deep into UI

Understand the Concepts, Design Pattern used to build Vana Admin & Know what's in the bucket for Future.

What's included

Laravel 9.x (PHP 8.1 Support)

  • Sanctum, Socialite Auth
  • 150+ PHPUnit API Testing
  • API Resources & Policies
  • Macro/Mixins & Traits
  • Actions & Services
  • Pipelines & Observers

VueJS 3.x

  • Composition API
  • Script Setup Syntax
  • Vue Router & Async Component Loading
  • VueX Modular Store
  • Vite.js - Next Generation Frontend Tool
  • Emitter & Localization
  • 50+ Form & UI Components
    and more...

Tailwind CSS 3.x

  • Extreme Lightweight < 25KB (production)
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Theming
  • Dark Mode
  • Transitions
  • Support Modern Browsers

Future Roadmap

  • PWA Support

  • Realtime Chat

  • Notification


One Time Purchase, Lifetime Usage!

Quickly build & deliver your next project with our straight forward pricing!


$ 29

Learn & Understand Laravel, VueJS & Tailwind Concepts, Build single Project

  • For Individuals

  • Single Project

  • No Update


$ 129

Learn & Understand Laravel, VueJS & Tailwind Concepts, Build Multiple Projects

  • For Individuals

  • Unlimited Projects

  • No Update


$ 999

Learn & Understand Laravel, VueJS & Tailwind Concepts, Start building Projects

  • For Individuals & Teams

  • Unlimited Projects

  • One Time Installation

  • Instant Update

  • Laravel API Testing & Demo Data

Frequently asked Questions

What does "Lite License" include?

Lite license is one time purchase without any future update. You can use it for single project.

What does "Unlimited Projects" mean?

You need not to buy a new Vana Admin license for every single new project as long as you own the project.

Do I need to renew license?

No, Vana Admin is one time purchase, with no recurring subscription product. You get lifetime & free access to the updates.

Can I use Vana Admin for Commercial Projects?

Absolutely! As long as you own the project which is not a derivative competing product, you can use it for Personal or Commercial Purpose.

Can I upgrade Lite or Starter License to Professional License later?

Yes! You can pay the balance amount and upgrade it to Professional License.

Can I transfer the license?

No, you cannot transfer the license to any other user.

What is Scheduled & Instant update?

Scheduled updates are released on a fix predecided date. Instant updates are available via Github Repository access.

What are the Limitations?

You cannot build product(s) that is similar to Vana Admin (theme/admin panel or any competing product), neither you can sale it nor publish/redistribute it for FREE.

Do you offer support?

We do not offer technical support. However, You get one time free installation support. If you find any issue, you can send us email to Or if you have Github access, you can raise issues over there.

I am Indian Resident. Do I need to pay GST?

All Indian buyers are required to pay GST at 18%. If you have Regular GSTIN, you can submit your GSTIN and claim ITC.

Can I get student discount?

Yes, we offer 50% discount for students under Lite or Starter License. You can send a request with your student ID card from your .edu email ID

Can I get refund?

If you haven't downloaded the product and wish to get refund, you can submit refund request within 15 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full, no questions asked.

Learn advance concepts or Build projects rapidly.

Vana Admin can be used by begineers / intermediate users to learn advance concept of Vutal Stack or by experts to quickly build quality projects.

Start using Vana Admin today!

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